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Homework For January

Dear Parents,
This week, we are continuing work with commas.  Anyone who is not able to complete the comma worksheets correctly will get additional grammar practice in school for the following week in order to improve writing and editing skills.  Also, we have been working on fraction, decimal, and percent equivalency for the last few weeks and students are to show 20 examples of each equivalency listed on the worksheet to take home.  This work should be done on a separate sheet of paper and be written legibly. Please encourage your child to ask questions at school if any of this work is unclear.  I am always happy to help with homework questions at specific times during the day. Also, any student with incomplete homework for the week will have to make up that work during outdoor environment time. Thank you for supporting your child in completing their work thoroughly, correctly, and in a timely manner.
Liza and Kathy

Welcome Back One and All!

Dear Parents,
It feels so great to be back in the classroom after a wonderful break with family and friends.  We had to start last week with several assessments to measure growth.  The school is also adopting a new and improved assessment system that will measure student progress in a more detailed way and provide more usable and measurable data that is able to separate mastery for each student according to each state standard!  The students were wonderful sports about taking so many assessments and for the most part showed tremendous growth.  This system will also help us give more challenging work for the higher achieving students as well as additional interventions for those on the lower end of expected mastery levels.

Upcoming Field Trips
We are planning a couple field trips including a trip to the renaissance fair on March 4, and a trip to the science center at a date to be determined in February.  If you have a science center membership or are willing to drive for either of these…