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Important Dates and Fundraising Information for Camp Surf

Please read the following information on deadlines and fundraisers very carefully and
feel free to contact us with any questions.

Payment Deadlines (can be made with the tax credit form so that the money is returned dollar for dollar on next year’s taxes):

February 6:  $100 per child, $50 per chaperone

March  23: $50 per child

April  17: $80 per child ($50 per chaperone)

Other Important Dates:

February 18:  Deadline for parent paperwork to be returned for chaperones

February 27:  Deadline for student permission forms to be returned for Camp Surf

May 20-22: Attend Camp Surf—bring approximately 5 dollars for items in the camp store, if desired.

Proposed Fundraisers:
(those requesting scholarship funds must participate in at least one fundraiser to be eligible)

World’s Finest Chocolate: Students are encouraged to take home a box and sell what they can at home so we can have enough money for our first deadline. Parents are needed to help children sell cases at home; the students are also …

Arizona History/Valentines Day Celebration this Friday

This week and last, in honor of the anniversary of Arizona's statehood, students have been researching various events in Arizona state history.  Our Valentine's celebration will incorporate an in-class presentation about our research as well as other activities relating to our rich history as a state.  We encourage you to ask your child many questions as they prepare their research and write their reports to help them gain a more complete understanding of the many events around the country that shaped our growth and development as a state.

We plan to make delicious fruit desserts as part of our refreshments for the occasion. If you wish to contribute anything to our Celebration, please click on the following link to sign up:

We hope everyone is able to also participate in our Pizza Friday and estimation jar Fundraisers.  Details are found in the form that was sent with your child as well as via email.  Thanks so much for your support!

Pizza Fridays and Estimation Jar Fundraising

Pizza Fridays and Estimation Jar Upper El Fundraiser

Join the fun as our students raise money for their big trip!

Estimation Jar Raffle Each week in February, students can guess the quantity of items in each jar.  Tickets are $1 each, or $5 for seven.  The one closest to each quantity will win the entire jar.  Drawings will be held each Friday.

Pizza Fridays We will serve pizza every Friday in the month of February (February 13, 20, 27).  Those who pay in advance for all three days will get 3 bonus raffle tickets!  Please fill out and return the form below.
Pizza Friday Fundraiser:  February 13, 20, and 27th Order forms due no later than Thursday noon February 12, 2015 ·Menu # 1: 1 slice of pizza, carrots and water bottle.-$4.00 ·Menu #2- 2 slices of pizza, carrots, water bottle-$5.00) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Please help us fill your pizza order by submitting the following information and attach your pay…

Come to our Science Fair Tonight, between 5 and 6pm!

After such an amazing show enjoyed by our younger classes last week, we hope to see everyone at the science fair tonight so all can bask in the joy of our student's discoveries.  Children are welcome to stay with Mr. Joe for afterschool tutoring and can then set up their projects after tutoring, or they can stay in aftercare until the beginning of the event.
You are welcome to drop off your student any time between 4:30 and 5pm if they feel that they need extra time to set up their experiments.  Most students will have their presentations set up before the school day ends.

Thanks again for all your support!