Field Day is Tomorrow

We just wanted to remind  everyone about our field day tomorrow morning.  All students who are caught up on their work will leave soon after the start of school, please don't be late!  Students are invited to bring spray bottles, water balloons, and super-soakers.  We have plenty of water bottles for the children, leftover from the Luau.
Permission forms Please remember to return release forms for water day and also the permission for watching the class movie that we will watch on Thursday, Coco.
Pizza on the Last Day of School  We will be having Pizza on our last day of school and are asking students to donate at least $2 to cover the cost of pizza and carrots with ranch.  
Homes for our Animals Our frogs have found a summer home, but we still need a home for our birds and snake.  If you are interested in taking them for all or part of the summer, please let us know so we can coordinate everything.
Publishing Party Also, tomorrow afternoon, our students will present their published books…

Spirit Week Flyer--Written Last Week by our 6th Graders

Spirit Week, May 21-25, 2018. Monday: Greek/Roman Mythology Day.-Dress up like your favorite Greek or Roman Mythological character or Greek god/goddess
Tuesday: Disney Day.-Dress up like your favorite Disney Character                 . Wednesday: Career Day.-Dress up like you’re working in your dream career. Field day, we will be going to the big basin, be sure to if needed bring an extra pair of clothing, and tennis shoes.                    .
Thursday: Brand Day- Dress up like your favorite brand, you do NOT have to wear the brands below!water day, please be sure to bring the proper swimwear, sunscreen and anything else you need to get wet

Friday,Last day of school!! : Pajama Day-Come to school in pajamas and we will watch the movie, Coco!! If you bring 2 dollars you can get pizza.  Please return the attached slip.

Our Busy Month of May

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that the school year is over in less than three weeks.  As usual, our classroom is bustling with activity until the last day of school.  Please take note of the following activities and deadlines for our publishing projects:
Class Yearbook Our student editors are almost finished with our classroom yearbook and will send it to the printer this Friday!  It will be a 75 page full color book with photos of the children's work and activities.  Each student chose their own photos and work for a two page layout and other teams of editors put together spreads on other topics in the classroom.  It is always a pleasure to watch our students finish their own beautiful pages of the work that they are most proud of. The cost of the yearbook is $20.  We will send out order forms tomorrow.
Hardcover Books Thank you to those who have brought in covers to bind our books.  Students are expected to have their stories typed by Friday. As the stories are typed, Ms. Ad…

Important Camp Surf Information

Our Camp Surf trip is quickly approaching and we want everyone to know all the following details:
Drop off and Pick Up: Please drop-off your child at 5:00 AM, Monday, April 23rd at Main Campus (Lindsay and Southern). Located at 2834 East Southern Avenue, Mesa, AZ
If you are a chaperone, and you need to park your car at the school, then please come at 4:45 AM to NORTH Campus so we don't have to leave any parked cars at the main campus.  (we will use one of the white school-vans to shuttle chaperons from North to Main Campus). 
We plan to leave Camp Surf at approximately 1:00PM on Friday, April 27th and arrive back at Main campus between 7:00PM - 8:00PM that same day. 

Meals on the road: Students are responsible to either pack a breakfast or bring money for breakfast.  They may also bring snacks and a water bottle for the road.  We are collecting $10 dollars per person to cover dinner at Golden Corral in Yuma on the way back (for Dinner). I will collect the money for the dinner while…

Our Month of Many Dates and Activities

Dear Parents,
Now that we are finished testing, the weeks seem to be speeding by a little too quickly.  Please take careful note of the following upcoming activities and changes to some of them. Also, we have transferred the important dates to the enclosed calendar.
Luau Change Due to a schedule change with the people performing at our Upper Elementary Luau, we had to change the Luau to:
Friday, May 18th 2018 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM.
We will need help with set-up and tear-down and clean-up. Also, we still need people to volunteer to help organize and participate in committees such as, table committee, mayonnaise and condiments committee, people to help serve, people to help take tickets and a few other labor-type committees are needed. I will be working with Marlene to create an online sign up sheet for these items. We are happy to issue refunds for those who have purchased tickets and unable to make the new date.
Student-led Conferences This is our favorite time of the year, where students …

State Testing this Week!

Dear Parents,
We hope all our families had a fun and restful and relaxing Easter!   We also enjoyed seeing many parents at the memorial service for Audrey.  We are grateful for all those who have been supportive during this difficult time for the family. Even the smallest acts of kindness mean so much. 
It really is hard to believe that state testing is upon us! Today, we have been busy today going over our final preparations and we are more than ready for the AZ Merit, tomorrow morning. Students were heartily encouraged to go to bed early this week, and there will not be any homework assigned.  We will administer the writing test on Tuesday and the language and math portions in the following days this week.  Fourth graders will take the science test the following Tuesday, April 10th.  Please have your child eat a nourishing breakfast each morning and make sure your child arrives at school before 8:30 so they are not missing out on any of our scheduled activities after testing. While gr…

Memorial Service for Audrey

Sadly, the beloved mother of two of our school's students passed away last week.  Children and parents are welcome to attend the memorial service, tomorrow afternoon.  Please click here for more information.  Donations made on the family's gofundme page will go toward the emotional and physical well-being of the children.