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March Progress Reports

Thank you for supporting your child at home with all our math activities at school.  We had a wonderful time at Pi day, with the edible part of the calculation and exploration work and also a fun introduction to trigonometry concepts.   Please ask your child about polar graphing, the degrees of a circle and what the ratio of Pi really means.  I hope everyone is able to see these many interesting sides to help them see math as exciting and fun.  We notice that each Pi Day brings new discoveries and realizations.

 I am amazed at how well so many of our students understand math because of their understanding of the historical aspects and  the sensorial issues of these mathematical discoveries.  I feel privileged to be a Montessori teacher and have the flexibility to connect these many topics in an interesting way. Every child in our class is a unique scientist, mathematician, and writer.
Tomorrow, students will be receiving a report that shows up to date standards mastery and attendance in…

Pi Day is just a "round" the corner!

It is hard to believe how fast the time has flown!  We are so pleased with how much everyone is learning and how many members of our class are challenging themselves.  This week we have been doing additional math activities that are centered around the study of circles and the unique ratio known as Pi.  Please note that our Pi Day Celebration that was originally scheduled for Friday is being moved to this Thursday.  We ask that all students bring the following in as part of this mathematical and circular celebration:

Edible Circular items to share with the class. (this can include oranges, cookies, donuts, pies, cakes, brownies, candies, etc.  There is no need to have one item for each class member as we expect to be able to cut items up as needed from the many offerings available.
A sheet of paper that has a clear and accurate drawing of the circular item to be shared at the celebration, legibly labeling the circumference, radius, diameter, in cm or inches and area in cm or inches squa…