Friday, April 24, 2015

Our Busy Month of May

Camp Surf Update
We are so excited to go to Camp surf on May 20-22!  We have raised a significant amount to help with scholarships, and are thankful to those who have been able to make partial payments and/or tax credit donations on or before the deadlines.  We are hoping to have enough raised to also be able go out for a snack on the way back from Camp Surf. Chocolate Money was due on the 30th of March and we hope to be able to add that to our funds to cover the remaining cost of the trip.  Thanks again for all your support in our fundraising efforts!

Classroom Publishing Projects
The students are working on their own stories to publish in book form and it has been rewarding to see every child's growth as a writer.  You can help by helping your student type in their words at home and emailing it to us so we can format the words in booklet form and then bind into a book.  

As in last year, each student is choosing their favorite photos, writing samples, and artwork to be placed on two pages for our class yearbook.  We have several editors helping to arrange the pages. We hope to finish this project in two weeks so that there is plenty of time to have it published in color for those who have paid the classroom activity fee.  If you would like to assist our editors with scanning and formatting, we welcome your assistance.

We are also seeking donations of cardboard (non-corrugated pressboard works best) that is found on thicker cereal and cracker boxes and on the back of legal pads.  Also if anyone has spray glue or colored tagboard, it would help us in our bookbinding efforts.

Mercado, May 1
Now that testing is over, our students have been busy making plans for our Spring Mercado.  Please ask your child to share with you what is needed for their group's booth so that they can be ready for our big event next Friday.  Feel free to invite as many family and friends who are interested.  There is enough fun for all.

6th Grade Projects
Our sixth graders have been quite busy dabbling in statistics for their end of year presentations.  They have created a research plan and are collecting data that will be presented during our graduation ceremony on the last day of school.

Student-Led Conferences
It is time for conferences yet again! Feel free to call or stop by the office to sign up for a time slot before or after school from April 27-May 7, or from 8-12:30 on Friday. We ask that your child be present in order to have the opportunity to showcase their work.

Important Dates in May
May 8:  No School, conferences (please call or stop by the office to sign up for a time)
May 12:  Upper El trips to Musical instrument Museum or Herpetology Museum (students will choose one)
May 15-16:  6th Grade camp out
May 20-22: Camp Surf.  We are planning to leave at 5am so that we have more time in San Diego
May 28: Going out tbd
May 29:  6th Grade Graduation, 1pm

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pizza and Kona Ice this Friday

We want to thank you with all our hearts for your support during testing week.  This has been a challenging week, with a new test to become familiar with.  However, it is also quite rewarding for us to see all the things our students have been able to do.  We are finished with AZ Merit testing, however 4th graders are still being tested in science tomorrow.  We thank you again for making sure your child arrives well-rested and well-fed each day of testing.  

On Friday, we will have Pizza as a celebration, thanks to Tammy Whiting, whose vision made this school possible.  Please make sure your child packs a drink and vegetables or other side items as well as money for Kona Ice.  We will also finish some of the projects we started last week as well as continuing our work for our class yearbook and storybook publishing projects.  Please stay tuned to hear more about our upcoming field trips as well as our fundraising updates for Camp Surf.  We want to make the most of our remaining 7 weeks together.

We appreciate all you have done to make this school year end on a high note!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Please Support us for Testing Week

We are so pleased with how much effort everyone has put into their work in language and math.  It has been a pleasure to watch everyone work so hard to meet and exceed the new state standards this year.  Not only have we witnessed such excellent collective academic growth, but we have also seen exponential growth in good habits, study skills, grace and courtesy, and emotional intelligence.  

As the new AZ Merit test approaches next week, our students are planning a party this Friday as a way to let go of stress and also as a celebration of completing our Performance Coach workbooks.  We are in the process of planning some fun activities and projects to recycle our books into something more beautiful or interesting.

We are planning to have Pizza for lunch and would like to have some donations of crackers, cheese, chips, salsa, veggies, fruit, granola bars and bottles of water.  Please use our link on volunteer spot that more fully lists  some of the snacks we would appreciate. We hope to get enough donations to also utilize the remainder of donated snacks during testing week.

We thank you again for your amazing support of donations, volunteer time, and support at home.  Thanks in advance for helping make testing week a stress-free and comfortable experience and a time that hopefully validates what we see everyday at school. It is our goal that each student begins and leaves each day of testing with a greater degree of confidence and satisfaction in their abilities.