Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Spirit Week and Candy Engineering

We apologize for the delay in sending this link out to everyone.  Our sixth graders have planned a busy spirit week, as you can see by the flyer they created for everyone to take home. One of the activities they chose was to make gingerbread houses. We ask if everyone can bring in needed items such as, graham crackers, frosting, or even old Halloween candy. The gingerbread house decorating will be tomorrow,  December 20,2017.  If we don't get enough supplies, we can postpone it until Thursday.  Please click on the link to specify what your child will be bringing, to ensure that we have a good balance of supplies.  If you have any questions, please let us know!


Our Christmas shop fundraiser is going very well, and new items continue to be added.  Thanks for your support of all of our children's fundraising efforts to pay for all aspects of our big trip to Camp Surf!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Wax Museum Tips

We are noticing this year that several of our newer students have had a hard time gathering sufficient sources on their topics.  Sometimes, a difficult or obscure group was selected, while others simply lack enough background knowledge in certain subjects related to history and geography to be able to fluidly and deeply explore their chosen civilization.  We encouraged all of our students to watch videos over the weekend from reliable sources such as BBC, PBS, National Geographic, Nova, Khan Academy, etc.  We also recommend taking a look at reliable youtube channels (crashcourse, CGPgrey, veratasium, etc) Watching such presentations will help students gain the background information needed to fluidly discuss their topic during the wax museum.  

We do not want students to read from their reports, but to be well-versed enough to look at their board and discuss the concepts they have studied with visitors, using their own words.  While we have had several discussions about expectations, our newer students could benefit from similar discussions at home.  We hope to see everyone at our wax museum, this coming Thursday, December 14 from 9:30-11:30 and invite parents to come and ask lots of questions.

We are grateful that so many were able to attend our big event at Barnes and Noble.  Also, a big to those who attended conferences and also those who attended our fundraising/big trip meeting.  We will be posting the notes for all parents soon and will also hold another meeting in January.  If you were not able to attend, and wanted to purchase books, you may still make a purchase at any location, simply provide the cashier with our bookfair number.  We will be starting our candlemaking and Christmas shop fundraiser this week and our 5th and sixth graders have already begun preparations.  Please stay tuned for more information next week.   Thanks again for supporting your child's education at home with your words and actions on a daily basis.  We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Camp Surf Meeting is Tomorrow!

We hope that everyone is able to attend our Big Trip Meeting that will take place tomorrow, in Mr. Larry's Room.  We will discuss ongoing fundraising plans for the bus at 4:30, and then continue with details about the trip itself at 5pm.  Childcare for siblings will be provided and students are welcome to attend with their parents if they wish.

We have recently updated our class contact list.  If you haven't received any announcements from us, please send an email to MECroom102@gmail.com to send us your current information.  snack calendars were also sent home today, but they aren't posted on the blog.  We continue to remind all students to write their snack day in their planner and promptly share with parents.

Also, tomorrow is the last day to submit orders for our Popcorn Palace Fundraiser.  So far, we have raised over $500 to cover the bus to Camp Surf with this fundraiser, which is a third of the way toward our goal, after adding our previous fundraising efforts.  Thanks so much for supporting all our activities and efforts to create an authentic Montessori environment.  We hope to see everyone tomorrow!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

December Dates

Ms. Kathy and I have really been enjoying watching every child show off their work during student-led conferences.  We look forward to seeing more parents next week as well.  We are so close to our goal of 100% attendance at conferences.  There are still plenty of times left on our schedule for anyone who missed signing up.  

We have a lot going on in the Month of December, so please mark your calendars!

December 4th
Deadline for popcorn palace fundraising orders.  We have a friendly competition with Mr. Larry's class to see who is able to submit the most orders.  I am planning a huge art activity for the winning class.  Remember that half of the order totals will go toward paying the cost of the bus to go to camp surf.

December 5th
We are holding a meeting in Mr. Larry's room to discuss our fundraising efforts for camp surf at 4:30, and will transition into discussing the specifics and logistics of the big trip at 5pm.  We will be finished no later than 5:30pm.  Childcare is provided for siblings and students.

December 7th
Our schoolwide bookfair fundraiser will be at Barnes and Noble and Chipotle, in Dana Park, in the evening.  Our PTO will receive 20% of merchandise purchases from Barnes and Noble and 50% of food purchases from Chipotle.  Please come to enjoy the activities, even if you aren't able to buy a book, as there will be arts and crafts, story-telling, and cookie decorating led by MEC staff in various parts of the store.

December 11th
Our candle-making shop begins, please see details on the flyer.  This is a fundraising tradition that has been enjoyed by children of all levels.  Proceeds will help pay for our bus to Camp Surf.

December 14th
Wax Museum on Ancient Cultures, from 9:30-11:30am in class. Parents are welcome to stop in during any time that morning.  Please be prepared to ask lots of questions.

December 15th
Christmas shop begins. Students will take turns running the booth during recess.  Each group will be creating some simple crafts during OE time.  Older students will also be selecting simple items that children can purchase as gifts for parents, siblings, and friends, which includes calculating unit cost and profit margins in order to make these business decisions.  If you have any small, gently used items that could be sold in our shop, we welcome any donations.

December 21
In-class, Winter Solstice Celebration.  Details will be determined by our 6th graders, who will send a separate flyer for the holiday spirit week.

Class Email List
If you did not receive this notification via email. please let us know so we can make sure that you are added to our list.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Please Sign Up for Parent Conferences

We hope that everyone takes a moment to choose a conference time in the book in the office. We offer conferences as late as 7pm this Wednesday, and are willing to go later if needed. We are also willing to do phone conferences or open up alternative times to ensure that we get to see everyone. We are planning a special group activity at school if we get 100 percent participation. We hope to see your child with you and offer free childcare for siblings as well as free childcare before the meetings start after school.  Please let us know if you have any questions about conferences. Thanks so much for supporting our classroom!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

November/December Activities

We are sorry for the delay in getting our November newsletter out to everyone.  Our class has been so hard at work on a variety of topics and our classroom veterans are becoming skilled at managing their time. Please read below for more information about the activities we are taking part in during the months of November and December.

Candy Statistics
Our class collected data on their Halloween candy haul and created bar graphs and pie charts with their results.  We also collected data and made a class wide graph. They will be presenting this project along with other written work during student-led conferences.

Holiday Fundraising 
Our Upper Elementary classrooms are participating in multiple fundraisers including, our Christmas Shop, Candle-making, carline treats, as well as holiday craft projects led by parents.  We will also hold a raffle and silent auction and sell cookbooks further on in the year.  If you would like to help us out with fundraising with donations of time or items, please come early to our Big Trip meeting on Tuesday, December 5th.  We still need to raise several thousands for the bus and it will take all of us to work together in order to get there.  We will meet about fundraising at 4:30 and our Big Trip meeting starts at 5pm.  Babysitting will be provided for siblings.

Thanksgiving Feast
On Wednesday, November 22, we will have an upper elementary Thanksgiving celebration.  Students will work together in groups to cook an item to add to our feast.  Our students will meet tomorrow to decide what to contribute to this in-class event. Please ask your child what they need to bring on that day and/or prepare ahead of time, depending on the chosen recipe.

Student-led Conferences
Our schedule for parent conferences is in the office and ready for parents to reserve their times.  Please make sure to bring your child, so that they have the opportunity to present their work to you. We have included one day of late conferences.  Please let us know if you need an alternate day or time. We hope to be able to meet with all families as soon as possible. Childcare is available for siblings during conferences.

Wax Museum Research
This week students are going to the library to select their resources for our ancient civilizations research.  Please make sure your child brings a current library card and knows the PIN.  Deadlines and details about our project were sent home as well as emailed to parents. Our Wax Museum will be held the morning of the 14th of December. We are looking at putting on a holiday concert that week as well, the exact date will be announced soon.

Tutoring will be canceled during student-led conferences, November 27-December 12.  It will Resume December 14. 

We thank you for your continued support during the holidays.  We are amazed at how many valuable skills our students are gaining and hope you are able to see their wonderful growth.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

Wax Museum Coming Soon!

This announcement was also sent via email and we ask you to check your inbox to ensure we have your email address in our system.  Ms. Kathy and I have been receiving error messages with some emails.  We will put all of our class announcements online at MECroom102.blogspot.com and will send them electronically in the future and we want to make sure everyone is up to date on the latest news in our classroom.   If you did not receive this in your email, please send us an email at MECrooom102@gmail.com so we can make sure you are accurately added to our list!

Over the next few weeks, the upper elementary will be researching ancient civilizations will create a living wax museum on (12-14-17).  Students will have time to work on this project in class, and will also have the opportunity to go to the library to find quality sources.
Students will need 3-5 scholarly resources, two of which must be books. 

 We are planning to visit the library in small groups this week and next. Students must have a valid Mesa library card in their name or their parent’s name in order to participate. Students who do not attend one of the goings out will be required to get a minimum of three books for homework.  If you would like to be a chaperone for one of these trips, please send us an email as soon as possible.

 How you can support your student during each step of this research project:

❖ Have a current going our form or return the permission slip for the library trip and 
make sure your child has a library card that is free from fines or holds 
(they need to know their pin as well).

Have discussions with your child about possible research topics and 
guide them toward narrowing their choice.

Have ongoing discussions about your childs research to help strengthen 
their understanding and help them begin using their own words for what 
they have learned.

Help provide support in finding scholarly resources on the internet. 
(They will have lessons and we will provide further guidance in this; however, we 
don’t have as many computers as we would like, so it is helpful to give your 
child more time to hunt for appropriate resources at home).   The following 
link has a guide describing what is considered a scholarly source: 

Help with putting together an outfit that matches someone representative of the culture 
of interest. This should be very simple—we do not expect expensive costumes (we will also 
provide some time for this in class).

Obtain a trifold project board or similar presentation material. We also have simple posters in class.

 It is imperative that each child do the majority of their work with as little outside
assistance as possible.  Students will be compiling their research in class and 
receiving as much guidance as necessary in order to become competent and 
independent researchers.  Our initial deadlines are flexible on a case by case basis, however, we hope that everyone is well versed in their research by the time our museum is open.  Thanks in advance for your support!

Important Dates:

·  November 15-21:  Library trip to gather research materials.

111/17/17:  3 or more source cards due.
·  11/22/17:  10 note cards due.
·  11/29/17:  20 cards completed from a minimum of 3 sources.  
·  12/5/17:  Written report completed with bibliography.
·  12/08/17:  Bring presentation board to work on in class.
·  12/14/17:  Wax museum. Join us from 10:00-11:15am.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October Fun

We have a lot of activities coming up this month and hope that everyone is able to fully participate.  Please mark these events in your calendar and let us know if you can help us out in any way.

Show-Me Night: Thursday, October 5th
We invite you and your child to come into our classroom any time between 5 and 7 to show their work in the classroom and perhaps even give a Montessori Lesson or two.  They will also talk to you about their story boards. Childcare is available for younger siblings. Tutoring will be canceled that day because of show-me night.

Mercado: 5-7 PM, Friday, October 27th
This year, our first big fundraiser will be our Halloween Mercado, where our students will be able to earn real money to help us pay for the bus to Camp Surf.  Everyone has planned some high quality products and activities that will be available to the general public.  Please invite your friends and family to what will be an unforgettable experience of food, games, crafts, and creepy Halloween fun!  We appreciate the support of parents during the planning process and during the event itself.  If you are able to help in any way, please let us know!

Extended Writing and Research Projects
This year, our students decided to get an early start on their publishing projects at the start of the year.  They will present their story boards to their peers as a way to build excitement for their planned books.  We will begin our ancient civilizations research project when the story boards are finished and will present them as a wax museum in November, at a date to be determined.  We will begin science research in January, as we have done previously.  Changes in dates will be updated to the blog as well as emailed out.

6th Grade Fundraisers
Our sixth graders are spearheading several fundraisers including a school cookbook and a silent auction and raffle.  They are seeking donations of special family recipes to publish in their full color cookbooks.  They are also seeking items that can be auctioned or raffled that are appealing to children and/or adults.  We already have donations of hotel stays and movie posters, but if you know of a corporate resource that our students could contact for donations, please let us know.  The experience of contacting organizations outside of school is very valuable for our students' growth and development.

Snack/Birthday Treats
Please make sure that all snacks and birthday treats are nut free.  We had an incident where a student had an allergic reaction due to cross contamination of ingredients and we had a talk with the class about food allergies today.  We want to ensure that our class is safe for everyone.

Extended Work Cycle
Students are always welcome to stay after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4/4:30 to catch up on work and gain extra practice. We have opened tutoring to anyone who would like to catch up on work after school or even continue projects started earlier.  Please let us know if you would like your child to participate.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Moving into September

It's hard to believe that September has arrived.  We have been busy in multiple creative endeavors in the classroom.  Last week, our students filled their portfolios with poetry and this week they have been collaborating with a partner on creating a script for a short play, skit, or commercial.  The partnerships were carefully chosen to expand every child's circle of friends and build a more cohesive classroom community.  Our students will be performing their plays next week in class.  We are able to record the performances and place them on the homeroom app for those whose parents have a photo release on file.  We also began more formalized Spanish and art lessons this week, which have been received with enthusiasm.  We have talked about how learning a second language is able to change the structure of the brain to make greater connections in language, math, and even music.  Everyone was introduced to our new artist brushes and their purposes for creating various types of lines, shadings, and textures.  Some were able to finish their mini canvases, while others will be able to work on them during outdoor environment time next week. Next week, the classroom will be immersed in elements of fiction as they study the work of various authors, while taking their own turn as a writer of fiction, as we kick off the foundational work for our big story presentations in October.  We will also be scheduling an author visit and hopefully a chance to see a performance from a local high school theatre troupe.

Math Work
Everyone is given a grade level math lesson with accompanying followup work that is generally due on Thursday or Friday.  Children are also offered more advanced math lessons with the Montessori materials or necessary remedial work that varies with interest, grade level, and ability.  Additional minilessons on the weekly math topic are offered as needed when we notice that more than three students need additional help.  We encourage the children to speak up and we provide peer tutoring or small group lessons to ensure that all math concepts are fully solidified.  While our fifth and sixth graders are experts in our math routine, our fourth graders are still learning to become more responsible for their own learning and not procrastinate the deadlines of required work. Often it takes a couple weeks of natural consequences to gain the self-motivation and drive that guides each child toward independence in the classroom.  We appreciate those parents who are looking at their child's planner and sending notes of concern.  Having daily conversations will greatly assist in building the good habits necessary for long term success.  We encourage anyone with concerns, particularly our new parents, to come to us right away.  We are happy to hold meetings or phone conferences before or after school to help all children and their families.

Afterschool Tutoring
After school tutoring will begin on Tuesday and Thursday after school until 4pm.  We will be sending a separate email to those families that we feel could benefit having more time to complete work after school. 

Field Trip to ASU:  September 14
Our field trip to the natural history collection at ASU will be changed to Thursday, September 14 so that it won't conflict with our hot lunch Fridays.  We are planning to take the light rail and bus and could use some additional chaperones or drivers who may be available. Ms. Liza will be in Nashville presenting at a Montessori conference.  We will have lunch at nearby Clark Park and return before carline.  Please make sure your child packs a water bottle, snack, and disposable lunch.

Snack Calendar
Our students created and distributed September's snack and laundry calendar.  We have encouraged everyone to write down their snack day in the planner and also give themselves a reminder on the weekend before.  

Show-Me Night: September 21
Our next parent night is approaching, where every child will show some of their work at school and also present parents with some of the Montessori lessons that they have been given in the classroom.  Please mark your calendars for the evening of September 21.  More information on various arrival times will come soon.

Cookbook Fundraiser
Our sixth graders have started a project to publish cookbooks for the school.  They are seeking excellent, tried and true family recipes to be used in their volume.  We would also appreciate pictures of the food items as well.  Feel free to email any submissions directly to our classroom address.  

Halloween Festival:  October 27
Our Halloween Festival is fast approaching and we will begin preparations in a few weeks. We are planning to use this fundraiser to help offset our costs for our big trip to Camp Surf.

Hurricane Harvey Relief
We are looking at adopting a classroom affected by Hurricane Harvey in an effort that is led by the children.  Details will be forthcoming.  

Thanks again for all your support.  We enjoyed meeting everyone at our first two parent nights and look forward to our upcoming learning activities both in and out of the classroom.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Activities for the School Year

Important Dates and Activities for 2017-2018
Activities take place during the school day unless otherwise noted
August 4 Open House 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
August 7 First Day of School – school starts promptly at 8:30 a.m.
August 24 Curriculum Night 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

September 8  Field trip to ASU Natural History Collections
September 21 Show Me Night 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
September Field trip to Library (students need a valid Mesa Library card)

October 27 Fall Mercado in the evening
October 31 Storyboard Presentations, morning and evening

November Trip to library for science research
November 13 Parent Conferences begin
November 22 Thanksgiving Feast in class

December 8 No school, Parent Conferences
December Science fair presentations
December Concert
December 11-15 Student-Made Holiday Shop open for business

January Field trip to library for ancient cultures research
January 18 Moving up/Big trip parent meeting 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
January 17 Field trip to symphony hall

January/February Trip to Musical Instrument museum (in small groups)
February 14 Ancient cultures presentations (during school day)

March 9 Pi Day Activities and Celebration
March 12 Spring Break

April 2-13  AzMERIT for 2 weeks (tentative date)
April 21 (or May 11) Spring Mercado
April 23-27 Trip to Camp Surf (date subject to change)

May 4 No school, Parent Conferences
May (date to be decided) 6th grade grade class trip
May 17-18 Water Day
May 19   Graduation Ceremony 1:30p.pm.

May 25 Last Day of School, end-of-year class activity


Dear Parents,

Our Curriculum Night was so well attended that we ran out of chairs!  We are so glad that so many of you were able to take time from your busy schedules to support our work in the classroom.  For those who missed it, we have sent handouts home.  I have also attached the handouts via email from our meeting.  The document also includes important dates and activities for the remainder of the school year. Other handouts being sent home include a permission slip for our next field trip, a going out permission slip, and a Camp Surf form. We are happy to meet individually with any of our parents, particularly our new ones, who need more guidance. 

Going Out Forms
This year, our insurance company requires that you submit your insurance information with  your permission for going out.  Goings out, are trips planned by small groups of children to the library, pet store, and other places for further research and exploration.  While most of our students have a signed permission form, very few families have submitted their insurance information to the office.  We will be sending slips home to families who still need to sign the form itself.

Photo Release Forms
Our class uses photos to share with parents via our homeroom app, google photos, a Montessori Instagram account, and our end-of-year class yearbook.  We cannot use any photos of your child in these projects without your signed consent. 

Camp Surf Form
We need to gather information on numbers of students and chaperones interested in attending Camp Surf so that we can begin fundraising for our triennial out of state trip.  We need these forms returned by August 31st.  

Field Trip to ASU
Our first permission slips are going out for a visit to the natural history collection at ASU.  There is no charge for the activity.  We need chaperones only to drop off and pick up at the light rail station in the morning and the afternoon.  

We appreciate your prompt attention to all these paperwork matters. We also appreciate those who have offered to help out our classroom in various ways.  We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and we thank you again for supporting your child's Montessori education! 


Ms. Liza, Kathy, and Adrienne

Our Big Trip to San Diego

Dear Parents:

We are pleased to announce the dates for our “Big Trip” to Camp Surf in San Diego have been solidified for the week of April 23rd thru April 27th, 2018.   

Camp Tuition cost per student will be $300.00. Transportation fee is approximately $100.00 per student.  We will be traveling to and from Camp Surf on a charter bus.  

Fundraising opportunities will be available for students to help defray the cost of transportation.   Camp fees can be paid for with Arizona State Tax Credit donations ($200.00 per individual or $400.00 for married).  All fees are due on April 2, 2018.  Payments of $50.00 per month can be made as installments.  Chaperone camp tuition fees are $150.00 per adult chaperone.

Please indicate below if one or both parents would be interested in chaperoning, or assisting in fundraising opportunities.

Thank you,

Ms. Liza, Mr. Larry, Ms. Adrienne, Ms. Kathy and Ms. Ally

Please return bottom portion by August 31, 2017

Name:  __________________________________________________________

______ I am interested in chaperoning for Camp Surf

______I am able to make a tax credit donation in the amount of:  $200 $300  $400  (circle one)

______I am able to make monthly payments (or tax credit donations) of _____$50 a month for 6 months or _____$33 a month for 9 months to cover camp fees for my child.

______ I am interested in assisting with fundraising opportunities to cover the cost of transportation.

______ I am interested in assisting with fundraising opportunities to cover the remaining expenses.

______ My child will not be attending Camp Surf. Reason:______________________ 

Thank You for Attending our Curriculum Night!

Our Curriculum Night was so well attended that we ran out of chairs!  We are so glad that so many of you were able to take time from your busy schedules to support our work in the classroom.  For those who missed it, we will send handouts home.  I have cut and pasted the handout from our meeting.  Other handouts being sent home include a permission slip for our next field trip, a going out permission slip (for small trips to the library, pet store, and other places) and a Camp Surf form.  We are happy to meet individually with any of our parents, particularly our new ones, who need more guidance. Thanks again for supporting your child's Montessori education!

Upper Elementary Curriculum Night 2017-2018
Practical Life
The hallmark of the Montessori philosophy centers around practical life.  In primary, the first lessons a child is taught come from the practical life shelf.  In upper elementary, the  first assigned homework given to your child was in the area of practical life.  This includes the following practical life skills necessary for school:
  • Going to bed at an appropriate time
  • Preparing a healthy and balanced lunch and snack
  • Bringing a reusable water bottle to and from school
  • Cleaning and organizing at home
  • Recording daily work in planner and getting appropriate signatures
  • Arriving at school on time and attending school when not ill
  • Additional follow-up work and extensions to lessons in class may also be done at home, including weekly spelling and vocabulary work
  • Dressing appropriately for weather conditions
  • Taking care of plants and animals
  • Time management, including setting goals and estimating time for completion.
Children must complete any unfinished classwork at home.  This includes spelling, math facts, and weekly writing prompts, which all have firm deadlines.  Any other homework will be assigned as needed throughout the year based on individual needs, current topics of study, and work completion during the day.  Students are to record the time spent and homework completed at home and get a signature each week (each day should be initialed by parents).
Parent’s role in homework completion:
  • Ask to see your child’s planner nightly and discuss completion of daily assignments
  • Allow your child to endure the natural consequences that come with the choices they make
  • Allow your child to do as much as they can possibly do by themselves.  Step in only when necessary.
  • Encourage your child to ask for help in school, when needed.
Human Tendencies
Dr. Montessori’s methods revolve around the human tendencies that she observed from years of research with various age groups of children.  He discoveries have later been fully proven through neuroscience, a field that was not even in existence when she began her work.  Dr. Montessori strived to work with each child from the inside out, capitalizing on the inherent desires and motivation of each child.
Cosmic Education, Writing, and Common Core
Writing has always been an integral part of the Montessori curriculum as it also is with our state standards.  Cosmic Education was Montessori’s term for the connections between all subject areas that should be taught.  For example, in the Montessori curriculum the history of math and language is included in math and language lessons to increase understanding.  Science is also better understood when connected with history, math, and language.  Writing skills have been proven to boost reading skills, while music lessons also aid development in math.  Understanding art can assist in understanding the craft of writing while also providing a visual understanding of our history. We invite you to take a peek in your student’s math, language, and science journals as well as the final copies of their writing.  You may also leave a sticky note of encouragement.
Hands-on Sensorial learning
Dr. Montessori discovered over a century ago how important using the hand is to build intelligence.  Lessons are designed to use all senses to incorporate all learning styles.  Children are encouraged to conduct follow-up work and explorations on their own.  
Differentiation and Assessment
Montessori is known far and wide as both a gifted program and a program for special needs.  It is able to accomplish both because of the emphasis on building independence, intrinsic motivation, which is better accomplished with a learner-centered, flexible teaching style.  Because we have multiple age groups in the classroom, we can choose small group lessons groups by ability, while the three year age span gives ample time for growth, guided by a teacher who works to build social and academic skills within that time frame. At MEC, we use several assessments to ensure that each child is making adequate yearly progress according to the state standards.  This includes reading, spelling, and math classroom assessments as well as Galileo testing, which is used to plan instruction and monitor lesson effectiveness and individual growth.  Our emphasis is on individual growth rather than linear letter grades.
Freedom and responsibility
In the ages of 9-12, having natural consequences is an important preparation for life.  Privileges, such as computer use, field trips, individual trips, outdoor environment, and freedoms in the classroom can be lost due to poor choices in time management, behavior, and attitude.  Goings out are contingent upon consistent performance in the classroom.
Volunteering in the classroom
We encourage volunteering in many ways, both in and out of the classroom.  Classroom Volunteers must pass a background check:  please see the front office to fill out a volunteer packet.  We need volunteers in the following areas:  Material Making, library, intervention groups, typing instruction, class trips and community exploration, animal care, and fundraising.  Please see handout regarding our big upper elementary trip to San Diego.
Classroom Tutoring
Mr. Larry and Ms. Liza will provide tutoring after school.   Tutoring will begin in September on Tuesday and Thursday, is free of charge and is by invitation only.
Communication and important information
We value your input and communication both in person, over the phone, and via email.  Ms. Liza’s class has all class emails saved on a class blog, for those who might lose an email.  The majority of our communications will be sent electronically to save on paper and ensure that parents receive them directly.  If you are not receiving our emails, please let us know, so we can ensure that your contact information is correctly added to our list.