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Homework and Planners

The first few weeks, I always focus on practical life skills, which are integrated in the Montessori curriculum from infancy to young adulthood.  We have talked about homework they can do that encompasses practical life that includes cooking, packing a healthy lunch, organizing homework space, following recipes, taking care of pets, and financial literacy.  Each student must record  what activities they chose for homework and get a parent signature in their planner each week.  Those who have turned in their signatures in their planners will be able to participate in additional outdoor environment, art, science, and music enrichment activities.

As the weeks go on, we will include other subject areas for homework and we are already seeing students completing quite a bit of academic work at home.  Our new planners arrived on Monday and most students have been pretty diligent in taking them home and returning them to school each day.  In these planners, students record work that they have …

Upper Elementary Curriculum Night

Please come to our Curriculum Hour on Tuesday, August 26, at 5pm.  You will learn more about our Montessori materials, activities and curriculum and how to support your child at home.  Free childcare is provided; please fill out the form sent home with your child.  We hope to see everyone there! 

Also feel free to email us with any questions at We look forward to getting to know all our wonderful parents better, and making plans for a fantastic school year!

*Please Note: Curriculum night will be held 2 days earlier from the originally posted date  in the welcome letter, due to our Skate Night fundraiser.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Great Lessons of the Montessori Curriculum

This week, our classroom has been busy with learning the new classroom layout and materials, language and math assessments, and most importantly, the first Great Lessons.   Dr. Montessori coined the term, "Cosmic Education" to describe the lessons for grades 1-6.  This is because all subjects, including art, and music, are integrated with history, science, reading, and math, and the lessons are designed to nurture appreciation for the cosmos, and help children discover their role in the world, or cosmic task.

The first Great Lesson is known as the creation story, or "God with no Hands"  This lesson is designed to help children gain an appreciation for the size of the universe and the scope of the changes that occurred in forming the earth.  I always use the disclaimer that there are many creation stories from many different cultures and that even different scientists have varying theories.  This lesson is not meant to be taken literally as much as its purpose is to…

Daily Schedule and Other Announcements

In Montessori environments, children learn and work within 2 work cycles , one in the morning, and one after lunch.  It is important that children have this uninterrupted time to choose and complete work and conference with the Montessori guides throughout the day.  In this way, students are given the lessons that are most relevant to them according to their interests, abilities, and special needs. Montessori has a more fluid schedule than most schools, this allows for extra opportunities to fit in enrichment activities and mini skill lessons as needed.  Because of this, most children who are able to manage their time and choices and hold themselves accountable are able to greatly increase in academic, social, and emotional intelligence.

There can be a bit of a honeymoon period for those who are new to Montessori and used to having a teacher micromanage every block of time.  I assure you from my 12 years working in Montessori environments that in the end, with the right support at home…

Happy First Day of School!

We thank you for your wonderful support at the start of this new school year.  We feel so loved with so many supplies and extras that make the classroom such a nurturing and creative place.  We appreciate all you have done and for entrusting your amazing children with us this year.  This class is so full of love and enthusiasm and we have enjoyed getting to know each new member of our learning community and also seeing the incredible growth of those we have known previously.  Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions or concerns. 

Water bottles This time of year hydration is so important and since our classroom has a water cooler and not a drinking fountain, students are encouraged to keep a water bottle that can be refilled throughout the day as needed.  You can find water bottles at target and the dollar store for as little as a dollar.  Please do not fill water bottles with sugary drinks or tea, which has been known to make messes since we eat in the classroom.…