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AZ Merit Testing and Camp Sky Y

We hope all our families had a fun and restful Spring Break!  We certainly enjoyed out time at the AMS conference and also returned nourished mentally and spiritually as well as with armfuls of new materials for our classroom.  We also know that the children enjoyed creating and performing their plays and will share videos shortly. Everyone returned from break ready to work and all were able to compose some wonderful poems in between Galileo testing.  We are so pleased with everyone's progress in writing, math, and so many more skills.  We are more than ready for state testing next week.  AZ Merit testing begins on Tuesday, March 28th.  We will test Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of that week, with makeups on Friday.  Testing will then resume on Tuesday, April 4th and continue through Thursday, April 6th. Please have your child eat a nourishing breakfast each morning.  If your child needs to go to the doctor, dentist, or any other appointment, please try to schedule these for l…

Pi Day and Africa Presentations next week

Next week we will have our Pi Day celebration on Wednesday and a trip to Montessori International school on Friday for their Africa Presentations.  Please read the following information carefully for the full details:

Pi Day
For the last week, we have been studying the origins of the number Pi, from the civilizations who first discovered this relationship and their approximations of it to lessons with the Montessori materials which concretely explain how this special number is derived as well as its characteristics.  Those who are ready have moved on to using Pi to calculate the circumference and area of circles as well as the volume and surface area of spheres, cylinders, and cones.  Next Wednesday, March 8, students are invited to bring a circular food for an upper elementary feast and everyone will create a model of their food and make the appropriate calculations using Pi.  If you still want to purchase a Pi Day shirt, we have a limited number of shirts available on a first come, fi…