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Final Camp Surf Details

Dear Parents,
Please read the final details very carefully:
Camp Surf Packing List (for those who may have lost it)  see the link: 
or see below:
ALL PROGRAMS REQUIRED ITEMS: □ 1 hat or cap with brim  □ Sun Block (waterproof) SPF 30+  □ Lip Block (waterproof) SPF 30+  □ Water bottle or canteen  □ RASH GUARD (nylon shirt worn in water to protect from irritation & sun exposure. $20-$30 at camp store.)  □ Sleeping bag or blankets/ sheets  □ Pillow  □ 2 pairs of long pants  □ 5 pairs of short pants  □ 1 or 2 sweatshirts or jackets  □ 5 T-shirts  □ 1 swim suit  □ 6 pairs of underwear  □ 6 pairs of socks  □ Pajamas  □ Sneakers/tennis shoes  □ 2 towels (1 beach, 1 bath)  □ Toiletry articles—soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, comb or brush □ Lip Screen with SPF 30+  □ Book, reading materials  □ Backpack (day pack) 
OPTIONAL ITEMS:  □ Stationary, postcards, stamps  □ …

Last Minute Reminders

Musical Instrument Museum This is a reminder that we are leaving on our field trip to the Musical Instrument Museum first thing tomorrow morning.  Please make sure to arrive on time or your child may miss out!  Please make sure your child brings a water bottle and a disposable lunch.  We plan to eat lunch at a park nearby.
Camp Surf Update: We have noticed many parents are behind in making their camp surf payments and/or returning chocolate money.  While we have scholarship money for those who have requested it, we are still approximately $900 shy of our goal to pay for all of those who wish to go.  If those who haven't made a tax credit donation would do so, we would easily have three times that amount.  I hope that we can raise these final dollars so we don't have to make some difficult decisions.  Please stay tuned for a packing list and more detailed itinerary.  Also please see our class blog for previous emails and announcements.
6th Grade Campout: We notice it will be very…