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Yearbooks are published!

Dear Parents,We are pleased to give everyone a color pdf copy of our class yearbook.  We were hoping to be able to print a color version for each child, but due to technical problems, we were not able to meet the deadlines to send it out to a budget printer.  If you have a color printer at home and are able to print double-sided, you can print your own version at home and we can bind it at school.  It is also possible to print a color version at any office depot or staples, (for a cost of approximately $30-$35, depending on the binding)  Every student will have a black and white version that we are able to print at school and bind with colored paper.
Tomorrow, we plan to begin the process of printing,  binding, and decorating our yearbooks to sign.  If anyone is able to come into the classroom at any time to assist in the binding process on Tuesday or Wednesday, we would be very appreciative.  We also thank the parent volunteers who made each classroom activity, including the formattin…

Spirit Week (May 23rd-26)

Spirit Week
MONDAY: Dress up as your favorite movie, book, game    character.    TUESDAY: Dress up as a nerd. 6th grade luncheon     At Pita Jungle.
  WEDNESDAY: Pajama and movie day .   THURSDAY: Game day in the morning. 6th grade          appreciation day and 6th graduation ceremony at 1:30 (4th and 5th graders bring refreshments.)    (: Thanks for this awesome year:)