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Winter Activities

Ms. Kathy and I have been so busy  this year and it is hard to believe that 2014 is nearly over.  Our sixth graders have some lovely activities planned and are in the process of creating a flyer about them, but I also wanted to send as much early notice as possible.  Next week, our classroom will be doing the following activities:
Secret Santa Each student will draw a name and anonymously give a small gift or two throughout the week.  Ideally these gifts should be little or no cost and include handwritten cards or letters and any other used books or toys that may be of interest that you are not using.  Each student will create an idea list that will be drawn together with the student's name.
Hanukkah Presentation One of our students is planning to make a presentation about the Hanukkah.  If you know of anyone who is Jewish who could be of assistance, or happen to have any plastic dreidels, tokens or coins, please let us know. 
Compliment bags This year the students will sew drawstri…