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Welcome Letter, Supply List, and Activities for 2015-2016

Dear Parents,
I am thrilled to be part of the amazing team of professionals at Montessori Education Centre. This campus is truly a vibrant learning community. In my years of teaching learners of varying ages and cultures, I have learned that one thing stays the same: the individual children form the strongest fibers in a successful learning community. As a Montessori teacher, or guide, I provide the tools, but it is the children themselves who are actively building their own minds.
Research has shown child-centered educational practices to be more effective in the long-term; a Montessori classroom better accommodates a wide range of learners. Here diversity becomes strength.  I try to allow children as many options as possible within the supportive structure we build as a class. This means that the children will determine the rules for the classroom as well as choosing work on a daily basis. They will help each other learn and work in harmony according to their group and individual deci…

Thank you for your support!

Dear Parents,
We thank you for entrusting your child into our care this last school year.  We hope you are enjoying the amazing yearbooks that our students put together.  We hope you also looked at the color version PDF that was sent via email.  It is parents like you who have made this year wonderful!

We wish everyone a wonderful summer.  If you would like some ideas of resources for fun summer learning opportunities, feel free to stay in touch.  If there is anything else you need, feel free to email me at any time.  We will be sending out our information letters for the following school year soon and welcome your input at any time.  Thanks again for choosing Montessori for you child!  May your summer be full of excitement, fun, and discovery!


Ms. Liza and Kathy