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Field Day Change for Tomorrow

As a result of the weather forecast for tomorrow, Mr. Joe and I decided to hold our field day at the basin at the school rather than away at the park.  This will give us easier access to water to stay hydrated in the heat as well as a quick getaway in case of rain.  Feel free to bring any water balloons for our games directly to the school and the children will take everything we need to the grass first thing tomorrow morning.  We look forward to some outdoor fun!

Announcements from our 6th grade graduating class

It’s SpiritWeek at M.E.C.!!! In room 102!!!
This Friday may 23rd: crazy hat and hair day Monday May 26th: no school (Memorial Day) Tuesday May 27th: Pajama Day, yearbook signing Wednesday May 28th:  Greek Mythology Day. (Dress as your favorite Greek Mythology character) Thursday May 29th: Field and Sports Day (bring clothes you can get wet in) Friday May 30th: Graduation ceremony for the 6th graders at 1:00 p.m. (Theme is geek and nerd; feel free to dress up as geeky or nerdy as you like. You may also bring a plain white shirt so classmates can sign it!!!)  We will be celebrating the last week of school with a large amount of activities, which will include water balloons, pajama day, and many more. During our week not only will we be watching movies Tuesday afternoon, but we will also be exploring the amazing outdoors. This will surely be the most spectacular week ever!!!                                   P.S. Parents are invited to come to the 6th grade graduation ceremony!!! They are also…

Yearbook Coming Soon!

As the year is coming to a close, we are so pleased to see how much everyone has grown.  This is especially apparent as we look at the photos that Ms. Kathy and I have taken all year long.  I have made hardbound class yearbooks as an end of year project for nearly a decade, but this time we are particularly amazed at how quickly the yearbook has come together, thanks to our amazing 6th grade editors. We are so excited as we watch our latest group ready to leave the Montessori nest into middle school, making big plans and taking charge of larger works on their own, but we are also excited knowing that this year's 4th and 5th graders will be our future classroom models and leaders and they are definitely up for the challenge.    
We are almost finished putting in the final photos, art, and writing samples for the class yearbook and hope to have it ready to publish tomorrow night.  This was a challenge because my hard drive failed on my personal computer and I lost hundreds of photos …

End of Year Activities

It is hard to believe the year is almost coming to a close.  After enjoying Pi Day, trips out to the Renaissance Festival and Chauncey Ranch, completing bookbinding and element research projects, as well as countless Montessori lessons, not to mention the AIMS and PARCC assessments and conferences, we are so excited to document our year with a student-made yearbook.  Every student will take part in formatting two pages with their best writing and favorite photos and we will print up the yearbooks in black and white, but also send a color PDF for anyone wishing to print up their own color version at home.  Yearbooks will be bound as soon as all pages are formatted and ready to publish next week.  It is important that each parent sign the release form so we can download the photos into a website that is available to all the students and their families so that the photos can be self-selected by each student.  Sixth grade students will have an additional published project that will be par…