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Final Instructions for Tonto Creek Camp

Don’t Forget to return your re-enrollment forms to the office tomorrow, as the deadline is January 21! It appears that we will have a long waitlist for the next year and I would hate for anyone to miss that window.
Your child’s homework tonight is to pack and prepare for Camp.  You will find an additional copy of the packing list on the other side of this note.
Packing: Please make sure your child has packed everything on the packing list, (plus some extra socks and pants for the cold weather) and that everything is stored in a compact container that is completely sealed.  Don’t forget a flashlight and also have your child label everything with their name.  Students may bring a disposable camera, but no other electronics.  
Medication If your child needs any medication, please fill out a form in the office and give it to one of the teachers to take with.  We will have basics such as tylenol and other first aid supplies.  We have sent forms home to tho…