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Thanks for a wonderful half year!

Dear Parents,

Thanks so much for all your support this year.  I know it was off to a rocky start after some of my challenges at the start of August, but it was the love of the children that helped me heal both physically and emotionally after my little one passed away too quickly.  I am grateful for Ms. Cassie and Ms. Kathy who were able to do a phenomenal job in my absence for the first three weeks of school.  I have learned so much from every child in this class as they have challenged themselves and succeeded, both in academics and important practical life skills. 
Our Christmas shop  and candle-making fundraisers were a big success.  All in all, students raised a net amount of just over $700!  It has been a pleasure to assist these young entrepreneurs as they have created and marketed multiple products and gained valuable insights along the way.  What is not used for the 6th grade trip will go toward our end-of-year activities.  We thank you so much for your support in providing sup…

Holiday Activities

Dear Parents,

We want to thank you for supporting our fundraisers and the spirit week activities planned by our 6th graders.  Our candle-making and Christmas shop activities have been a success and will continue through Thursday, where we will have a clearance sale.  Our white elephant exchange was a lot of fun and we look forward to our Crazy hair day tomorrow and movie day on Thursday. (Don't forget the permission that was sent out last week) Tomorrow, we will be writing cards for a charity called Umom that helps homeless teens.  We will be decorating snack bags and writing letters of encouragement.  We have also enjoyed watching everyone happily learn to use the sewing machine and carefully craft such lovely compliments for each student in the class.  We encourage you to read your child's compliments when they bring their handmade stockings home.
Our candy engineering activity (aka graham cracker structures) will take place this Thursday.  Please use the following link to bri…

Class Trip Meeting

Thanks to all who attended.  Here is the information in case you missed it.

We are so excited about our overnight trips that are planned for this
school year.  We hope that everyone can come to our informational
meeting to learn more about these activities. The dates will be kept
the same as noted in the information passed out at the start of the

Science Camp:  January 25-27, At Tonto Creek Camp, in Northern Arizona

Camp Sky Y:  April 10-12, Near Payson

6th Grade Trip:  May 15-16.  Zion National Park. We would love some
parent input at the meeting as we are considering adding a day.  We have tentatively determined to have it from the 15th to the 17th of May.

The cost for the Science Camp and Camp Sky Y will be $200, which is
covered by a tax credit donation; we will explain how you get this
money back on your taxes at the meeting.  It is possible to break up
payments in increments over 4 months, but still get the money back on
taxes if all donations are made before April 10.  The cost of the…