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Big Trip Update

With our tax credit pledges and fundraising efforts so far, we are practically at the first level we need to be to make our initial deposit for Camp Surf.  We thank the many who have made donations, taken cases of chocolate to sell, donated estimation jars for our raffle, and offered to help with other fundraising.  We feel confident that we will be able to raise the amount we need, on or ahead of schedule, based on what we have so far.
While every student is excited, we have not received a complete response form from all of our class.  We need to know by Friday who is willing to help with fundraising and who is not wanting their child to go to Camp Surf.  If you are undecided, please fill out the form anyway so we have as much information as we can to move forward.  Our goal is to make sure that everyone who wants to go on our big trip will be able to come, regardless of financial circumstances.  We thank you again for your continued support and look forward to our valuable learning e…

Science Fair this Friday Morning and Tuesday Evening

We are so excited for our first ever science fair this Friday morning (10-11:30) and next Tuesday Evening (5-6pm).  We hope you will be able to attend one of the sessions with your child.  It has been wonderful to see our students learning about various scientists and learning how to conduct and record their own experiments and demonstrations.  Today we enjoyed watching everyone construct their boards and assemble their experiments.  Many students wanted to continue their experiments at home so that they could feel prepared for their upcoming presentation.  We are so pleased with how much initiative and independence we are seeing in our student's work.
We were able to provide many poster boards to many students, however we don't have enough for everyone.  If you have an extra poster or display board that you could bring, that would be great.  Also, we would like to know if your child will be able to attend our evening session from 5-6pm on Tuesday.  If your child is not able …

Upcoming Events: Science Fair and Class Trip Information!

Dear Parents,
We wanted to thank everyone for all the support we have received from parents who attended our upper el transition meeting and the many students who helped set up the Montessori works that you saw on display, including writing samples and yearbooks.  I am humbled by the wonderful families who support our work at home and the amazing growth and development we have witnessed in just a few short months with many of our students.  Mr. Joe and I are looking forward to that growth continuing during the second half of the year. Attached is the handout that we passed out at the meeting for those who missed it.
Class Trip Our parents have voted and it looks like we will plan to go to Camp Surf in San Diego!  Having been there before, I am so excited!  Mr. Joe and I are still working on the final numbers and getting a contract for the bus to take us, but it looks like it will cost each student about 230-250 and each chaperone around 100 dollars if most of our classes attend.  This nu…

Important Meeting: Thursday, January 15

We hope everyone had a wonderful break!  We are so happy to see everyone back at work and learning so much and getting back into our learning routine.  Please take note of the important meeting that we have next week about our upper elementary program.  We encourage all parents to attend, particularly those who are new to the school, have younger siblings, or did not attend our show-me night, curriculum night, or back-to-school night.  Additionally, we will have an important meeting about our big class trip immediately following at 5:30pm on Thursday, January 15.
Last year, we were able to provide scholarships for every student who needed financial aid to attend Chauncey Ranch for 3 days, thanks to tax credit donations and fundraising efforts.  This year, we would like to attend Camp Surf in San Diego, which has a few more logistics that must be discussed with parents so we can raise the needed funds.  If you are not able to attend this informational meeting, please fill out the form s…