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Have a wonderful Summer!

Dear Parents,

We want to thank everyone again for the privilege of working with your children this year. We cannot begin to thank you enough for your help and support in making this a wonderful year.  We wish our new 7th graders all the best and want you to know our door is always open to come and visit. We look forward to watching our new 6th graders learn and grow much as their leadership roles expand.  Mr. Joe and I and our assistants have worked hard this week to clean and organize the classroom and plan an amazing year for next year.  Please keep an eye on the mailbox in a few weeks to see the exciting changes we have in store for next year as well as a sneak peek at the activities and events we have planned for the year.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at any time.  I still check this account during the summer, but not as frequently.
There was a water bottle, a couple notebooks, a portfolio, and a yearbook left behind.  If you find you are missing something, plea…