End of Year Activities

It is hard to believe the year is almost coming to a close.  After enjoying Pi Day, trips out to the Renaissance Festival and Chauncey Ranch, completing bookbinding and element research projects, as well as countless Montessori lessons, not to mention the AIMS and PARCC assessments and conferences, we are so excited to document our year with a student-made yearbook.  

Every student will take part in formatting two pages with their best writing and favorite photos and we will print up the yearbooks in black and white, but also send a color PDF for anyone wishing to print up their own color version at home.  Yearbooks will be bound as soon as all pages are formatted and ready to publish next week.  It is important that each parent sign the release form so we can download the photos into a website that is available to all the students and their families so that the photos can be self-selected by each student.  

Sixth grade students will have an additional published project that will be part of the final yearbook for room 102.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at any time.

Spirit Week

The final week of school will have many different days of celebration.  Please take note of the following activities:

Crazy Hair and Hat Day:  Friday May 23rd.

Pajama Day: Tuesday, May 27th, .  We will watch a G-rated movie to be determined by the class in the afternoon.

Greek Mythology Day:  Wednesday, May 28.

Sport Day and Art Afternoon:  Thursday, May 29th.  We will walk to the nearby park in the morning and have a field day with Mr. Joe's class.  If you are able to donate any pre-made water balloons, please let us know. 

Graduation Day for 6th Grade:  Friday, May 30 at 1:00pm (Nerd and Geek theme)

Also, please note that tomorrow the students will be running a mile during PE and make sure your child is dressed accordingly.  Thanks for all you have done to support your child's growth and success at school.  We look forward to our upcoming activities and celebrations.


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