Winter Activities

Ms. Kathy and I have been so busy  this year and it is hard to believe that 2014 is nearly over.  Our sixth graders have some lovely activities planned and are in the process of creating a flyer about them, but I also wanted to send as much early notice as possible.  Next week, our classroom will be doing the following activities:

Secret Santa
Each student will draw a name and anonymously give a small gift or two throughout the week.  Ideally these gifts should be little or no cost and include handwritten cards or letters and any other used books or toys that may be of interest that you are not using.  Each student will create an idea list that will be drawn together with the student's name.

Hanukkah Presentation
One of our students is planning to make a presentation about the Hanukkah.  If you know of anyone who is Jewish who could be of assistance, or happen to have any plastic dreidels, tokens or coins, please let us know. 

Compliment bags
This year the students will sew drawstring bags to fill with compliments for their fellow classmates.  If anyone has any extra fabric or ribbons that they would like to donate, please send it with your child by Monday.  We still have several scraps leftover from last year's project, but fewer choices.  Students will take their bags home on the last day of school.

Holiday Concert:  December 18
Our class, along with Mr. Joe's class will perform at the Citadel retirement community in Mesa at 2p.m. (on Broadway and Higley) After the performance, our students will be have the opportunity to interview the residents.  Students should be picked up at 3:30 directly from the venue.  Parents are welcome to pick up early if needed.  Further details will be sent home and posted on our class website: We are also planning a similar concert for parents in the evening in January.

Candy Engineering
This year the students want to take their skills with gingerbread up a notch from last year.  We will send a link with volunteerspot to help ease the process in signing up to bring items, or you can click here:  
 We will design and assemble our structures on the morning of Friday, December 18 and enjoy a G rated movie afterward.

Fun Friday
We will eat lunch and play at the nearby retention area (near Poston) for the remainder of the afternoon on Friday.  

If your child will be missing any days next week, or leaving early on Friday, please let us know so we can make sure they have their projects and gifts to take home ahead of schedule.  Thanks so much for keeping informed and doing whatever you can to support our in-school activities.


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