Important Dates and Fundraising Information for Camp Surf

Please read the following information on deadlines and fundraisers very carefully and
feel free to contact us with any questions.

Payment Deadlines (can be made with the tax credit form so that the money is returned dollar for dollar on next year’s taxes):

February 6:  $100 per child, $50 per chaperone

March  23: $50 per child

April  17: $80 per child ($50 per chaperone)

Other Important Dates:

February 18:  Deadline for parent paperwork to be returned for chaperones

February 27:  Deadline for student permission forms to be returned for Camp Surf

May 20-22: Attend Camp Surf—bring approximately 5 dollars for items in the camp store, if desired.

Proposed Fundraisers:
(those requesting scholarship funds must participate in at least one fundraiser to be eligible)

World’s Finest Chocolate: Students are encouraged to take home a box and sell what they can at home so we can have enough money for our first deadline. Parents are needed to help children sell cases at home; the students are also in charge of selling in carline (total profit $2,400=40 cases of 60 bars each)

Pizza Fridays: We will offer hot lunches of pizza and hot dogs every Friday to students at all grade levels. Parents are needed to help the children assemble and pass out lunches. (Approximate profit $400-$500 per month)

Estimation Jar Raffle Students will bring in jars of various interesting items for children such as Legos, candy, stickers, erasers, etc and will sell entry tickets for one dollar each to give away to the closest guess.  Parents are needed to help assemble a jar that will appeal to many children. (Approximate profit $200-$300)

After School classes:  Students will work with other students to teach a class to the younger students after school in our classroom.  Examples of past successful classes include art, cooking, comics, science club, photography, etc. Parents are needed to help provide supplies, guidance, and supervision during the classes. I would like to provide at least 3 classes. (Approximate profit $500-$800 per class)

If you have any additional fundraising opportunities that you would like to try, please contact any of the upper el staff.  We are committed to working hard to ensure that each child, regardless of income, is able to attend this trip.  We thank those in advance who are able to donate what they can in tax credit donations. We are a little more than halfway toward our goal so far!

Going on a big trip and raising the money to get there is a wonderful educational opportunity on so many levels.  Thanks for all you can do to help each one of us get there!


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