March Progress Reports

Thank you for supporting your child at home with all our math activities at school.  We had a wonderful time at Pi day, with the edible part of the calculation and exploration work and also a fun introduction to trigonometry concepts.   Please ask your child about polar graphing, the degrees of a circle and what the ratio of Pi really means.  I hope everyone is able to see these many interesting sides to help them see math as exciting and fun.  We notice that each Pi Day brings new discoveries and realizations.

 I am amazed at how well so many of our students understand math because of their understanding of the historical aspects and  the sensorial issues of these mathematical discoveries.  I feel privileged to be a Montessori teacher and have the flexibility to connect these many topics in an interesting way. Every child in our class is a unique scientist, mathematician, and writer.

Tomorrow, students will be receiving a report that shows up to date standards mastery and attendance information.  Please read each page carefully to see how well your child is mastering the state standards and if their are any other factors impeding their progress.   Please also read our page on attendance that explains how attendance affects your child's progress each day.  We are noticing an increase in absences and tardies and few of those children are making any earnest efforts to make up what was missed.  Also, many students have some additional work to finish in math over the break.  Please make sure your child remembers to do a little bit each day so they are not overwhelmed.

We wish everyone a wonderfully relaxing Spring break and invite anyone to contact us if they have any questions or concerns.  Be sure to sign and return your portion of the report on Monday. Thanks again for your diligence and support of your child's learning and emotional growth. See you on the 23rd!


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