Please Support us for Testing Week

We are so pleased with how much effort everyone has put into their work in language and math.  It has been a pleasure to watch everyone work so hard to meet and exceed the new state standards this year.  Not only have we witnessed such excellent collective academic growth, but we have also seen exponential growth in good habits, study skills, grace and courtesy, and emotional intelligence.  

As the new AZ Merit test approaches next week, our students are planning a party this Friday as a way to let go of stress and also as a celebration of completing our Performance Coach workbooks.  We are in the process of planning some fun activities and projects to recycle our books into something more beautiful or interesting.

We are planning to have Pizza for lunch and would like to have some donations of crackers, cheese, chips, salsa, veggies, fruit, granola bars and bottles of water.  Please use our link on volunteer spot that more fully lists  some of the snacks we would appreciate. We hope to get enough donations to also utilize the remainder of donated snacks during testing week.

We thank you again for your amazing support of donations, volunteer time, and support at home.  Thanks in advance for helping make testing week a stress-free and comfortable experience and a time that hopefully validates what we see everyday at school. It is our goal that each student begins and leaves each day of testing with a greater degree of confidence and satisfaction in their abilities.


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