Pi Day and Africa Presentations next week

Next week we will have our Pi Day celebration on Wednesday and a trip to Montessori International school on Friday for their Africa Presentations.  Please read the following information carefully for the full details:

Pi Day
For the last week, we have been studying the origins of the number Pi, from the civilizations who first discovered this relationship and their approximations of it to lessons with the Montessori materials which concretely explain how this special number is derived as well as its characteristics.  Those who are ready have moved on to using Pi to calculate the circumference and area of circles as well as the volume and surface area of spheres, cylinders, and cones.  Next Wednesday, March 8, students are invited to bring a circular food for an upper elementary feast and everyone will create a model of their food and make the appropriate calculations using Pi.  If you still want to purchase a Pi Day shirt, we have a limited number of shirts available on a first come, first serve basis.

Africa Presentations at MIS
Friday morning, our students will visit Montessori International school to see their Africa Exhibits.  Please make sure your child arrives on time to school.  We will be walking together for about half a mile to the school.  Ms. Liza and Ms. Kathy will be at the AMS conference, but Ms. Cassie, Peggy and Emily will be coming.  If any parents are interested in accompanying our upper elementary students, the cost is 2 dollars per visitor.  Your child will also have the opportunity to purchase snacks and food at the venue at additional cost.  We would recommend sending a dollar or two with your child on this day if you would like for them to be able to buy some treats.  There are also samples of food from various cultures that is available for all.  We ask that your child return their permission slip by next Monday and be caught up on all classwork in order to attend.

Drama and Music
We would like to introduce Ms. Emily, who currently teaches drama and music lessons twice a week to both upper el classes and also works as a sub for the entire school as needed.  We enjoy her enthusiasm, energy, and love for each student and look forward to planning more adventures in the future.

Writing Projects
Last week In room 102, our students presented their Arizona history projects. Ms. Kathy and I were amazed at the depth of work that was performed.  We enjoyed handmade data tables reflecting serious research as well is beautiful descriptions and stories from our state’s past.  This week our students have been studying the elements of drama and will be writing their own scripts for a story or a commercial.  Please feel free to ask your child about what they are writing and offer constructive feedback.  We will be performing the skits in class next week. 

A Big Thank you!
As we wrap up our last day for Pizza Friday and our Pi Day T-shirt orders, Ms. Kathy and I are so grateful for your support in ordering Pizza and shirts so that we can attend the conference and purchase some of the newest Montessori materials for Upper Elementary.  We are also happy to see Ms. Cassie in our classroom more and more as she continues with her elementary Montessori training.  

Thanks again for your support and please let us know if you have any questions!


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