Happy First Day of School!

We thank you for your wonderful support at the start of this new school year.  We feel so loved with so many supplies and extras that make the classroom such a nurturing and creative place.  We appreciate all you have done and for entrusting your amazing children with us this year.  This class is so full of love and enthusiasm and we have enjoyed getting to know each new member of our learning community and also seeing the incredible growth of those we have known previously.  Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions or concerns. 

Water bottles
This time of year hydration is so important and since our classroom has a water cooler and not a drinking fountain, students are encouraged to keep a water bottle that can be refilled throughout the day as needed.  You can find water bottles at target and the dollar store for as little as a dollar.  Please do not fill water bottles with sugary drinks or tea, which has been known to make messes since we eat in the classroom.  We will ask students who bring such drinks to consume them at home.  

School Supplies
A big thank you to all who brought supplies and then some!  If you have not had a chance to purchase the supplies on the list, we really only need a one inch binder with a clear sleeve, and a graph paper composition book for each child.  Feel free to forgo the other items on the list.  I did forget to include scissors, so if anyone has a pair to contribute to the community supply, that would be great!

Group Snack
Please note that snack this year is different. Students will only be responsible for snack for 27 people, once a month, instead of bringing an individual snack.  This new system worked really well today.  Please look at your snack calendar to make sure your child is prepared for their day.  Your child will have the opportunity to help prepare and set up their snack on their day.

Thanks again for all your support in getting this school year off to a fantastic start!


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