Homework and Planners

The first few weeks, I always focus on practical life skills, which are integrated in the Montessori curriculum from infancy to young adulthood.  We have talked about homework they can do that encompasses practical life that includes cooking, packing a healthy lunch, organizing homework space, following recipes, taking care of pets, and financial literacy.  Each student must record  what activities they chose for homework and get a parent signature in their planner each week.  Those who have turned in their signatures in their planners will be able to participate in additional outdoor environment, art, science, and music enrichment activities.

As the weeks go on, we will include other subject areas for homework and we are already seeing students completing quite a bit of academic work at home.  Our new planners arrived on Monday and most students have been pretty diligent in taking them home and returning them to school each day.  In these planners, students record work that they have completed during class time and in the final square of each day (labeled social studies) they are to record the work they do at home.  Students will receive extra guidance during recess as needed. It has been our experience that it takes 2-3 weeks for the homework habit to fully form.  

Many students have asked to complete their spelling studies at home and that is encouraged, particularly since we now have 20 spelling and vocabulary words to learn each week. In this planner, you will be able to see the work your child is completing on a daily basis as well as lessons given.  Because the students have been busy with multiple assessments, experiments, classroom conferences, and teambuilding, there are more empty spaces than you would typically see in a week's time.  If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us at any time. 

We thank you so much for supporting your child at home and preparing them to be wonderful learners each day.  We have enjoyed getting to know all our new families and witnessing the growth of our existing students.


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