Big Trip Update

With our tax credit pledges and fundraising efforts so far, we are practically at the first level we need to be to make our initial deposit for Camp Surf.  We thank the many who have made donations, taken cases of chocolate to sell, donated estimation jars for our raffle, and offered to help with other fundraising.  We feel confident that we will be able to raise the amount we need, on or ahead of schedule, based on what we have so far.

While every student is excited, we have not received a complete response form from all of our class.  We need to know by Friday who is willing to help with fundraising and who is not wanting their child to go to Camp Surf.  If you are undecided, please fill out the form anyway so we have as much information as we can to move forward.  Our goal is to make sure that everyone who wants to go on our big trip will be able to come, regardless of financial circumstances.  We thank you again for your continued support and look forward to our valuable learning experience ahead!


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