Upcoming Events: Science Fair and Class Trip Information!

Dear Parents,
We wanted to thank everyone for all the support we have received from parents who attended our upper el transition meeting and the many students who helped set up the Montessori works that you saw on display, including writing samples and yearbooks.  I am humbled by the wonderful families who support our work at home and the amazing growth and development we have witnessed in just a few short months with many of our students.  Mr. Joe and I are looking forward to that growth continuing during the second half of the year. Attached is the handout that we passed out at the meeting for those who missed it.

Class Trip
Our parents have voted and it looks like we will plan to go to Camp Surf in San Diego!  Having been there before, I am so excited!  Mr. Joe and I are still working on the final numbers and getting a contract for the bus to take us, but it looks like it will cost each student about 230-250 and each chaperone around 100 dollars if most of our classes attend.  This number actually includes transportation! If each family is able to pay the 200 dollar tax credit, we can easily raise funds for the rest!  Please remember to put your child's room number on the tax credit form so that it can be used first for your student's expenses, as well as chaperone expenses.  Remember that married couples can pay up to 400 dollars in tax credit donations that are returned dollar for dollar for that tax year.

We have about 2,400 dollars worth of World's Finest Chocolate bars that we can sell for 100 percent profit, and can easily make that much more with Pizza Fridays and Other fundraisers.  If anyone has any fundraising ideas or is interested in selling chocolate at home or work, please let us know.  

The date we will most likely choose is May 20-22, However April 22-24th is also available.  If you have any strong opinions on either date, please let us know!  We want to do everything that we can to make this end of year experience the best trip ever!

Science Fair
Our students have worked hard researching scientists and selecting experiments to present to our younger learners on the morning of January 30.  Parents are invited to attend during the day on January 30th or the evening of February 3.  Please support your child at home by having conversations with them about their area of study.  I have attached the list of projects for any students that may have forgotten the names of their scientist.  We were lucky to have a science advisor guiding our students in their choices who will continue to provide assistance as needed as students research their scientist and practice and present their chosen experiment or model.

Again, I want to thank everyone for their continued support and patience.  I am still writing thank you notes from Christmas as we have had so much sickness at home these last few months.  When Ms. Kathy and I think of where we were at the beginning of the year, we are so pleased to see that every member of our class is continuing to challenge themselves more and extend themselves farther, in so many ways.  We feel so rewarded by the individual progress and we are grateful for your partnership in helping to nurture this growth.  We wish everyone a wonderful weekend!


Ms. Liza and Kathy


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