Thanks for a wonderful half year!

Dear Parents,

Thanks so much for all your support this year.  I know it was off to a rocky start after some of my challenges at the start of August, but it was the love of the children that helped me heal both physically and emotionally after my little one passed away too quickly.  I am grateful for Ms. Cassie and Ms. Kathy who were able to do a phenomenal job in my absence for the first three weeks of school.  I have learned so much from every child in this class as they have challenged themselves and succeeded, both in academics and important practical life skills. 

Our Christmas shop  and candle-making fundraisers were a big success.  All in all, students raised a net amount of just over $700!  It has been a pleasure to assist these young entrepreneurs as they have created and marketed multiple products and gained valuable insights along the way.  What is not used for the 6th grade trip will go toward our end-of-year activities.  We thank you so much for your support in providing supplies for students to make things, used products to sell, and cash for them to spend.

We were able to do a lot of activities that built our classroom community together.  It has been a pleasure to play a precious part in the learning process and be able to watch everyone grow as writers and also as compassionate human beings.  Please take a moment to look at the compliments your child has received in their stockings. I know every child and every adult wrote their words from the heart.  I also included a couple of thank-you cards for those who gave me cards or other gifts.  I am thankful for the kind words and support from everyone in this class.  We have an amazing group of children and families this year and I wanted to acknowledge your support as the year comes to a close. I wish everyone a restful winter break, a fabulous holiday and an exciting new year.  We look forward to seeing everyone in January!


Liza Henrikson


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