End of year Activities

Dear Parents,
This Friday, December 13 at 1:30, we are having a gingerbread house extravaganza.  Parents are welcome to join us.  We are in need of donations of white frosting (4 tubs), Graham crackers, (5-8 packages) and any leftover Halloween candy, licorice ropes, marshmallows, etc.  We have quite a bit of chocolate frosting and sprinkles from Mercado that we are planning to use.  To avoid duplication, I will create a list at volunteerspot.com to sign up to bring items.  Please click on this link to see the signup sheet:  Here!  When you sign up for an item, others will know what items are already being brought.

Also, we are making stockings in class, as well as hand-dipped candles over the next two weeks.  If you have any holiday fabric you are getting rid of, we would love to put it to good use in our classroom!  Also, if you have any small glass baby food jars, we would love to have them to make them into candle holders for our candles. 

Next Friday, December 20,  we will have a used book white elephant exchange.  Please have your child bring a gently used book wrapped up for our celebration.  Every child will leave the festivities with a book that is hopefully new to them!

Thanks again for all your support!  If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer in the classroom, please feel free to email us!


Ms. Liza and Ms. Kathy


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