Come "Round" to our Pi Day Celebration!

This week the children have been busy learning about data analysis and geometry concepts in one week!  We have had many math lessons and sensorial works to learn about the nomenclature of circles and gain a more concrete understanding of my favorite irrational number, Pi. To celebrate our learning we will also note the hour of 9:26:53 to share our calculations before we enjoy the "fruits" of each other's labors. (Pi day:  3/14/15, 9:26:53 vs. Pi: 3.141592653)

To be part of the Pi Day celebration,  please bring a circular item from home that you can share with the class. Examples include: crackers, donuts, cheese, candy, sliced fruit or vegetables, popcorn balls, paper plates, a pie, round brownies, etc.  Basically anything circular, spherical or cylindrical will work as a concrete and fun learning experience. Each child will record the measurements of their item in either inches, cm or mm depending on the size. Each student will then calculate the circumference, area, and volume of each item and then will share the results with the class.   If you don't have 30 identical edible items, please don't sweat it! My experience from hosting previous pi days has been that there is always more than enough food to go around after we make our measurements and calculations.  I myself plan to bring a round pan of brownies and will have my calculations made in advance as a model.  Children are welcome to do some measurements and calculations at home if they wish.  

This activity is designed to make math fun and we will provide necessary guidance for all students with all calculations.
We are also planning to do some circular art as part of our celebration. We thank you for all your support at home and wish everyone a happy Pi Day/Spring Break Eve!


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