Important Upcoming Events

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with parents and students to showcase their progress. Please call or visit the office to sign up for a time before or after school, or during the day on Friday, December 5th.  Parents of siblings should select two time slots. Students are encouraged to show their finished work and lead the conference.  If you have any questions or need to schedule a phone conference, please feel free to contact us in any way.

Morning tutoring will be cancelled from November 24-December 4, unless there is not a morning conference scheduled. Children may still come into the classroom early if I unlock the outside door.  Afternoon tutoring is cancelled from December 1-4 in Mr. Joe's room.

Thanksgiving Feast: November 26, at noon
Parents are invited to join their children in our classroom for a Thanksgiving feast.  This week students will work in teams to select a recipe that can be prepared mainly in class through the use of crockpots, breadmakers, hotplates, microwaves, and refrigeration.  Next Wednesday, students will be expected to bring their food and prepare their dishes in the morning.  Parents are welcome to join us from noon to 1:30 to partake in the deliciousness that the children have made.  Please understand that this is the children's work and often mistakes are a valuable part of the learning process.  Many recipes were modified last year due to unforeseen challenges in the cooking process, but it is a happy learning experience for all.

We thank you again for all your support and for sending your amazing children to our classroom each day.  We are so pleased with how far everyone has come on this journey of learning. If anyone is leaving early for the holidays, please let us know so we can make sure your child is caught up on their work.  


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