Ms. Liza is Back!

I want to thank everyone in the class for their wonderful attitude and strong support during my absence.  It truly felt like Christmas today as I read each gift of kind words and gestures that everyone created while I was gone.  It feels wonderful to be back and giving lessons with these amazing children after being in the hospital and doing intense physical therapy.  I am happy to report that every specialist is pleased with my rapid recovery and that makes returning to work feel that much better.

I wanted to pass along the snack calendar that the children created this week.  Also, I am excited that the children will be researching a country and creating a map with the economic geography stamps over the next two weeks.  Feel free to ask your child questions about which country they would like to study for this brief research project.  The final copy will be 1-4 paragraphs for the report along with a map detailing the landforms and resources of the country.  Students are welcome to use the atlases, almanacs, and other resource books in class or use any other sources found at home.

Thanks again for your amazing support!


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