Algebra Fun

Dear Parents,
This week your child is on his or her way to becoming an algebra rock star!  We are amazed at how fast everyone is catching on.  I probably was a bit ambitious with one of the homework sheets that was selected.  If you want to know how to solve it, you can click here or do some simpler algebra problems that we did in class, using those worksheets or work found in the links further down.

If any of these problems are too hard, students are welcome to skip them and we will be able to go over them in class.  I don't want anyone spending more than 20 minutes a day on any of these pages because I want to prevent the level of math frustration that can make learning math more difficult in the future!

Here is a link for simple variable problems:

here is the link for a 5th grade level variable work:

Here is the link for 5th and 6th grade level variable work:

To be clear, this is not required work, but we did promise the children that we would provide further opportunities for practice since we are getting so many requests for further algebra work to take home!  
Thanks for all your support at home.  The growth of everyone is phenomenal in math!
Liza and Kathy


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