Upcoming Activities: Renaissance Fair and Pi Day

Upcoming Activities: Renaissance Fair and Pi Day

We are so excited about two upcoming activities:  the Renaissance Fair (March 4) and Pi Day (March 14).  In order to prepare for these upcoming activities, we will be examining life in the Renaissance period, as well as covering the geometrical concepts needed to fully understand the value of PI.

Over the next week, students will research a chosen aspect of the renaissance and share with the class, in order to gain a greater understanding of this much-celebrated period in our history.  Stay tuned for more details!

 Pi day is to be a mathematical celebration of all things circular, where the children are invited to bring round foods and calculate the area, circumference, surface area, and/or volume of circles, cylinders, cones, and spheres.  Over the next two weeks, students will be busy measuring and calculating various geometric figures and forms as well as receiving the Montessori foundational lessons that concretely explain the concept of the number Pi.  Stay tuned for more details!

A big thank you to the outpouring of love we received on Valentines Day!  Ms.Kathy and I were touched by your many kind words and sweet gifts.  We will keep those words in our hearts forever! We also are pleased with how independent the children have become as they take a greater role in classroom celebrations.  It was especially nice to see how well everyone set up for our party and created and distributed the food and treats in such an organized way!  That is the ultimate goal in Montessori: to create a learner that is able to fully take part in society, not only through learning, but also by doing!  I will soon be posting a link to our photo gallery that documents all this beautiful learning.


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