Permission Slips and Homework

Thank you to those who have returned their permission slips promptly.  We hope to hear from the rest soon.  We emailed the packing list for the camp as well as a handbook for the chaperones today.  We will have another meeting on the 18th that will have information for our parents of next year's 4th graders at the beginning as well as more information about all our big trips, including the 6th grade trip at the end.   We are so excited about the many experiential learning activities we have been able to offer this year and so grateful for those who have helped us make all these opportunities possible.

Additionally, this week we have been doing various activities with probability.  We have encouraged everyone to play some of their favorite face card games and see if they do a little better now that they understand a little more about how knowledge of probability can help with winning strategies. 

Thanks again for your support at home and feel free to call or email if you have any questions or concerns.


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