Science Fair Next Thursday, February 9th

Science camp was a lot of fun last week.  We were able to learn a lot in a more hands on way and it was especially wonderful to be in nature and work directly in their field as scientists.  Now it is time for our science fair!  Over the last couple weeks, we have been reading about other scientists and discussing possible topics for our science fair.  Most students are working in pairs and have already formulated their research questions and are starting on the other elements of their research and experiments.  We have given each student a helpful guidebook so that they are able to proceed in an orderly fashion through each step.  Feel free to go over the guide with your child if he or she has any questions.  

Please remember the following guidelines:
  • Just as with our other research projects, we would like parents to only provide help indirectly through suggestions, conversations and trips to help gather needed supplies.  Trips to the library are also encouraged.   Remember, this is an important opportunity for all children to take on the role of a scientist through creating, carrying out, and recording the results of their work
  • Mistakes are okay and even encouraged as this is an important element to both the learning process and the scientific method.
  • If you are not able to assist with your child's research idea, please let them know so that they can choose another topic with different materials.
  • We have small poster boards for the students to use, but if a larger display board is wanted, they must purchase it at home.
  • Our classroom will be open every day after school until 4pm (except Wednesdays) to those  who need extra help.  We just need a note or email from a parent to give permission for their child to stay.
  • If you have any questions or if your child has misplaced their science fair guidebook, the pages can be found at this link: science fair guidebook
  • Please have daily discussions with your child about due dates and progress in each part of this project.  You should notice that the first page of the guidebook breaks each step down and has a corresponding due date.  
  • We will have our science fair in the morning for the lower el and primary classrooms and from 4-5pm for the parents, after which we will have our Skateland Fundraiser.  Students are welcome to stay after school in our classroom, free of charge, in order to set up before the fair begins.
  •  If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know any time! 


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